• 2017 - 2019 Nord Gold. Gold field GROSS, South Yakutia, Olyokminsky District


    Set of construction works as part of new construction




    Main unit of the coal-fired power plant,

    Units of intermediate crushing of the heap leach plant



    • Development of design documentation regarding anticorrosion and fireproofing of metal structures in the facilities;
    • Delivery of works on application of anticorrosion and fireproofing coatings to metal structures of the facilities;
    • Construction and installation works to supply the thermal envelope of the Main Building of the coal-fired power plant with the rated output power of 16 MW, as well as thermal units 78 and 69 at the gold field GROSS, Olyokminsky District, South Yakutia;
    • Construction and installation works based on the architectural design project of the unit of intermediate crushing of the heap leach plant;
    • Construction and installation works to install wall sandwich panels;
    • Construction and installation works regarding delivery of materials for PVC-membrane roof arrangements, installation of window frames, door units, and gates.
over 35,000 sq m. Total area of completed works


  • Difficult transport accessibility;
  • Works had to be delivered in severe climatic conditions;
  • Most of the works were carried out by industrial climbers;
  • Simultaneous collaboration with other contractors.